HAWAII Waterpark
Authentic atmosphere with non-linear facade shapes
HAWAII Waterpark
Authentic atmosphere with non-linear facade shapes
In the project, we were faced with the task of simulating traditional Hawaiian earthenware structures. The aim was to create an authentic Hawaiian atmosphere with non-linear facade shapes.
Where they are located: 1, Arkadiiska Alley, Odesa
New unique technology
We have applied a new unique technology, which has not been used in facade works before. To begin with, we installed a metal frame that created the first layer of the form, and in the second layer we laid the magnesite waterproof boards. To give the conceived architectural forms, we used polyurethane industrial foam, which provided hydrophobic protection of the entire facade.

The next step was the final one: the application of highly elastic decorative plaster. We created the facade of the 7-storey starting tower using the same technology.
Fulfillment in the shortest possible time
The special difficulty of this project was that we were not only able to execute it in the shortest possible time, but also to find non-standard solutions for objects located in close proximity to the sea, which is an aggressive environment for building materials and structures.

When executing the project:

It took 2.5 months to complete all the works.
40 tons of metal for metal structures.
3,000 square meters of facade have been created.
12 tons of magnesite plates
7 floors of the starting tower facade.